Hi I'm Valerie,


I had my stroke 20 years ago, a Left and a Right 6 months apart. It took me 3 to 5 years to walk properly. I had great help from the Gravesend Council, with 2 hours free swimming a week and half price gym. I am fine except for a bad memory.

Hello, I'm Roy.

My stroke was Easter, 2014.

I was something of a computer buff, before the stroke, but since,  I am not able to remember very much.

After hospital treatment, last year, I was discharged,  and I am now coping quite well,  but with far less abilities that I used to have.

Since the stroke my memory is shot and I cannot remember anything for very long. Apart from that, I cope  OK.

In 2014 I suffered a Brain Hemorrhage from an assault. By all accounts I'm lucky still to be a part of this world!

The Stroke & Brain Injury Survivors Computer Group are a group of very special people. I've gone from being curled up in bed wondering what life had left for me, to someone who now feels there is a life out there and I am still capable of learning. I really cannot imagine where I would be without the support, knowledge and understanding the group has given me. The thought that I can (even with short-term memory loss!) learn computer skills by tuition and repetition.

After a while of being with the group, my confidence has increased hugely and I have done lots of things I haven't done before! This has been due to talking with members of the group concerning any problems and maybe solutions from people who are at all different stages of learning, who do not judge, who understand my struggles, emotionally, physically and even mentally. I have without doubt joined a special group of people who have encouraged and taught me how to take my life back in hand and I AM capable of learning.


Hi my name is Alana


In November 2016 it was thought I’d suffered a TIA, though subsequent tests in hospital proved inconclusive and there are no apparent after effects. I have a heart problem that increases the likelihood of having a stroke and a recent blackout/fall had me back in hospital for more tests. I heard of the Stroke Survivors Computer Group from Valerie and though very interested, was uncertain I qualified to join in the meetings. However, I was made most welcome by everyone and have been given a lot of help with brushing up my computer skills. Thank you all.